I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century. 1939 Jefferson nickels turn up from time to time in pocket change, and many are worth big bucks. Some 1939 nickels are rare, but most aren’t. Collectors will most often pass on these coins, and look for coins in better condition. It’s on the reverse (“tails side”) — just to the right of Thomas Jefferson’s stately Virginia home, Monticello… and near the rim. Jefferson Nickel 1942 to 1945 Silver Alloy Variety. I'm a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) and have won multiple awards from the NLG for my work as a coin journalist. Here’s how much this 1939 doubled die nickel is worth: These top-quality 1939 proof nickels were intentionally struck multiple times on polished planchets by specially prepared. Wartime Jefferson nickels produced from 1942 no longer had nickel in them, as it was allocated to produce artillery for the war. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. We use user submitted pictures please read that article if you are interested in adding your own. There were various types of 1939 Jefferson Nickels produced. I’m also the editor at CDN Publishing (a trusted source for the price of U.S. rare coins), editor at the Florida United Numismatists Club (FUN Topics magazine), and author of Images of America: The United States Mint in Philadelphia (a book that explores the colorful history of the Philadelphia Mint). The type of nickel will play a large role in the coin’s value. Mint Mark: No mint mark Coins in excellent condition can sell for vastly more money than coins in good condition.
Call or visit your local coin dealer for more information. There is no known mintage figure for this variety, although experts (such as those at PCGS) believe there may be 60,000 or so examples out there. Total Produced: 120,615,000 [?]

***Price subject to standard supply and demand laws, dealer premiums, and other market variations. You can easily tell a silver war nickel apart from a “regular” nickel by the presence of a large “P,” “D,” or “S” mintmark over the dome of Monticello on the reverse of some 1942 nickels and all 1943, 1944, and 1945 nickels. (More about this 1939 nickel error below.). A well-worn 1939 nickel is worth approximately, An 1939 Jefferson nickel in uncirculated condition is worth about, Circulated examples exhibiting only light wear are worth about, 1939 doubled die nickels with Full Steps details are rare and worth, Typical Mint State specimens have a value of, In well-worn grades, the 1939-S nickel is worth, Cherrypick some nice varieties and errors from, Search garage sales and estate sales for hoards of old nickels and other.
Unfortunately, no 1939 Jefferson nickels are made from silver! This wear and tear, however, is not significant enough to lessen the integrity of the coin’s images or markings. It’s extraordinarily tough to find one of these coin in circulation today, though that’s where plenty were plucked from decades back. By creating an account, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. To assign an accurate grade to a coin, you must first look at what type of coin it is. **When we say that 120,615,000, of these coins were produced or minted in 1939 this number doesn't always match the actual circulation count for this coin. The only silver five-cent coins made by the United States Mint during the 20th century are the silver war nickels struck from 1942 through 1945. The vast majority show heavy wear. So, how do you find some of these rare nickels worth money? Uncirculated: The uncirculated Jefferson Nickel is the type most sought after by coin collectors. 1939 nickels with Full Steps details on Monticello are worth $20 and up. 1939 D Jefferson Nickel CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1939 D Jefferson Nickel value at an average of $12, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $200. (You will see a list of all 1939 nickel values below.). Wondering if your 1939 Jefferson nickel is valuable? Many of the oldest pieces still exist in circulation. To assign an accurate grade to a coin, you must first look at what type of coin it is. Now that we’ve examined the various types of 1939 Jefferson nickels, it’s time to discuss what these old coins are worth. You may have heard something about old nickels made from silver. An 1939 Jefferson nickel in uncirculated condition is worth about $2 and up. Copyright © 2004-2020 The Fun Times Guide | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | Sitemap, Images of America: The United States Mint in Philadelphia. (The most valuable was graded MS68 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $23,500.) Year: 1939 Subscribe to the JM Bullion newsletter to receive timely market updates and information on product sales and giveaways. This price does not reference any standard coin grading scale. While some might assume that a Jefferson Nickel has little to no collectable value, certain years of this coin in certain conditions can be highly valued by collectors. Face Value: 0.05 USD Other Rare Jefferson Nickel Values.

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