[2], Around 2000, Haymon ventured into boxing when he managed Vernon Forrest. Upon receiving BWAA’s Manager of the Year in 2005, Al Haymon stated: “The stars are the fighters and, personally, I think it takes away from the sport when managers and promoters steal away attention from these talented young men, who do something very dangerous for a living” — Al Haymon. His main career start was in music promotion, where he promoted such acts as M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige, and Rick James.He branched out to other entertainment areas, such as when he worked with Eddie Murphy. Haymon was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and studied economics at Harvard.

I saw, if done right, one could make a lot of money and control a good deal of commerce and have a business.” — Al Haymon. Its no wonder Burger King paid $1 Million to have their mascot join Floyd Mayweather for his bout with Manny Pacquiao. To this very day, Al Haymon and his Premier Boxing Champions(PBC), maintain a stronghold on the boxing industry and continue to sign top fighters and treat them extremely well. It seemed like something a person like myself, who had absolutely no money at the time and a lot of ideas, could venture into. Golden Boy Promotions has filed a $300 million lawsuit against Al Haymon and an investment company, alleging violations of antitrust laws and the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. View Al Haymon's clients and company info. Its the same as Amazon and very simple, treat your customers better than anyone else and you can have a great business. This piqued my interest, as Floyd Mayweather is a successful businessman and always talks about making smart investments and I was curious about who taught him. This piqued my interest, as Floyd Mayweather is a successful businessman and always talks about making smart investments and I was curious about who taught him. Al co-promoted Eddie murphy’s Raw Tour, which had became the highest grossing comedy tour and film during the time. [1] He also has an MBA from Harvard. Browse

[by whom?

Al Haymon girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, husband, partner information is missing now. Alan “Al” Haymon. While not much is known about the private life of Al Haymon, I hope the information I could find about a black man who achieved much success in the entertainment industry can inspire others as much as it inspired me.

Al Haymon’s formula was to take home a smaller percentage of the revenue than the artist, a similar business practice he would bring to boxing. This is just one of the few rare insights into the mind of a man who has made a long successful career for himself in the entertainment industry.

I learned that Al Haymon, or Alan Haymon, is a Cleveland native and attended Harvard College and received a bachelors degree in Economics(1977) and also furthered his education by getting an MBA from Harvard(1980), while simultaneously starting a music promotion business. This lead to him gaining one of the strongest marketing advantages any business can have, word-of-mouth from superstar clients.

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