, He, Moonbin and Rocky are the only ones who danced in Always You MV, I’m not sure, but it looks like the photo was being photoshopped for some touch ups, Jin Jin used to be in the same street dance team as got7s Yugyeom

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Favourite song of cha eunwoo is again.

who knows Kang Chanhee from SF9?? Eunwoo is the most heavy eater among them. their new comeback is called “All Light” and their m/v and album will release on the 16th of January. (AlArabiya Int.) – His favorite food is beef. – He is considered the smartest member. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1cf21710e7cba6ba46050ba26ec336b01fdda7863ba4512265691e994114730e.jpg, MJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1ozr79pcjo, New comeback! Show more Rocky fun facts…, Sanha

No way LMFAO, Indeed there was an error in Moonbin’s profile, thanks for the head up! – If he wouldn’t be a singer, he would be an athlete, maybe a swimmer. Pictures courtesy of Fantagio Entertainment. Instagram: @ddana_yoon mb. Birth Name: Moon Bin (문빈)

He is even prettier than the actresses in My ID is Gangnam Beauty lmao, Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! The group debuted on February 23rd, 2016, under Fantagio Entertainment. He is so dependant to his smartphone, he always brings his smartphone to the toilet. Moon Bin is known by Aroha’s as Astro’s Puppy-Cat. , astro released all night this morning js pls update lots of love not really all my love is for JinJin byw, ASTRO RECENT COMEBACK YAYYY On December 16th, 2012, Sanha was accepted as a trainee in Fantagio Entertainment. He is often called the Slow Rapper, because he taks very slow. – If Moonbin was a girl, he would date Eunwoo because he is handsome and he would take care of him.

Multi-talented I miss them, He probably wouldn’t join Astro, I think. It’s also most likely not his fault, Eunwoo isn’t really talkative in interviews, so company’s send quiet members like him to gain more confidence, which works if you look at his recent “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” Interviews, Well Eunwoo is not cold and selfish, He’s not just nice to his members but also to other people. Hangul – He revealed he is a big eater. if we base from that source alone, you should also remove moonbin as the lead vocal because the source provided only stated “vocalist” in the subs. – Minhyuk is the 1st trainee that was officially introduced with Photo Test Cut. jinjin also said moonbin is astro main dancer maybe in astro there is two main dancer like bts. The group has already spreaded their wings in several countries like Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. (he said that on VLIVE). – The first person he befriended when he joined Fantagio was Sanha. Thank you for the update! am I the only one noticing that in eunwoos profile there is a mistake. !, Sanha is a Lead Vocalist, please add it to his profile, Sanha is a lead vocalist and Moonbin is a lead dancer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czBKY27pWvQ, ASTRO are friends with KNK and some members of IMFACT, MJ’s solo for a KBS Drama: – The first person he befriended when he joined fantagio was Sanha! http://i.imgur.com/ggmdMBN.jpg. $10.95 $ 10.

I wonder if we could buy some of his phone cases designs…. South Korea is full of talented boy and girl bands.

This article will provide you a super brief information about this talented boy band. Favourite song of moonbin is every minute. He is actually the 5th trainee to be officially introduced by Fantagio Entertainment.

, @allenpanganiban:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! Please don’t hate me I am just expressing my thoughts and let us support their new mini album, Just letting you know on Eunwoo’s profile at the bottom at ideal type it says “Chan Eunwoo” instead of “Cha Eunwoo”, Update latest Korean Comeback to Always You https://youtu.be/T1ozr79pcjo, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1ozr79pcjo&feature=youtu.be Within a week of its release, Spring Up reached #6 on the Billboard World Albums Chart in the United States, as well as #4 on the Gaon Music Chart. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. He is a little picky when it comes to food. a lot of people loves eunwoo, They choose the room and roomates by a game. A room for 1 member (Cha Eunwoo

XD Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciated! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e2b00fae7ee7cb4c0b852fb1521a907848741d3dc982ffb1511a6d5ddd10470.jpg, Group Also Moonbin cannot rap. Cha Eunwoo. – His role model is actor & singer Lee Seung-Gi. The group consists of 6 members, they are JinJin, MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha. , @yanghongseokkie:disqus One of our authors started working on his profile, then the respective author got busy.

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