What kind of gifts can I bring a friend that got out of surgery? I’ll be thinking of your family. “Part of God’s plan” could be the worst thing you can say to a non-Christian at this time. Join our team of amazing Caregivers. Also bringing treat(s)to the nursing and assistants can make a hospital stay more pleasant and monitored for the patient and the staff. Do not ask about their health or test results unless they bring it up. If someone is needed to stay with the patient while in the hospital, offer to stay for a few hours with the patient. But sometimes, they absolutely didn’t. So their step-mother not their biological mother died? Just getting out of the house for a while can lessen the feeling of isolation. Pray for them and there family in a very hard time and if it is you going throw this do not be a fradde to tell a friend on how they can help you out. Accept. This will give them the assurance that they need while recovering. #1 Make a music tape of cheerful tunes. “I usually make it a practice to not visit someone in hospital, as I do not want visitors (other than immediate family) when I am there.”, “In the local hospital [our daughter] had lots of visits, but after she was moved (about an hour away) she didn’t get as many visits – the visits were great for her (wish she had more), but even better for us because we got to take a little break. To support a friend after surgery, plan a visit in the hospital to bring them gifts, like books, magazines, or a favorite snack to lift their spirits. The most common texts I received were, “What can I do to help?” In my head my response was, “Can you get my dad healthy and out of the hospital?”. And when she was able to get there this month, she already knew what it looked like. Be sensitive to this and change the subject if you sense that’s easier for them. Excellent ideas from everyone! Medical bills are expensive and can add financial stress to an already emotionally difficult situation. Maybe! A free CaringBridge online health journal allows you to update everyone at once, so all your loved ones are on the same page. However, I’ve also noticed that some people (I think in the United States, for instance) sometimes flinch at my directness. This list is not exhaustive. Buy DVD's of their favorite movies and TV shows, as many hospital rooms have a television set patients can use.

When trying to offer sympathy, try to imagine you’re in their shoes, or think back to a time when you were dealing with something similar. Let your friend know you can drive them to the doctor's office. So just say something. If food is allowed, bring the patient their favorite snack, as hospital food can get tiresome. When they aren’t at their family member’s bedside, they may be a bit fragile and worried. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. For some people, it’s rude to be explicit in these sort of situations. Hi Janice, Loved ones can comment their support on your journal entries, and our on-site Planner helps you coordinate needs like bringing meals, rides to doctor appointments or taking care of pets. Keep the Church informed. If you're able to go grocery shopping for your friend, do so. Hospitals are dry, so lotions and lip balms are a great gift. With a gift card to their favorite restaurant, the family could order what they want, when they want it, even if it's just take out. He had had a brain stem stroke and I was his caretaker. Planning is also key to staying calm.

If you have a couple of days and went to send something special, they might even a gift box with snacks to share at the hospital or to pass along a get well card to share with their loved one. I could refer them to the pad. Copyright © 2020 CaringBridge ®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN: 42-1529394. The closer you are, the more you know a patient's special needs & likes. She received her Masters of Public Health from the Northern Illinois University in 2004 and her Masters in Nursing from the University of St. Francis in 2017. For a patient, time moves at an other-worldly pace in the hospital. You can also see if they forgot to pack anything before they went to the hospital – that would make a helpful addition to the gift bag, as well.

My other suggestion... soft, cotton handkerchiefs. Do not swear as this is usually against hospital rules and can get you thrown out and/or banned if caught. Your information is never shared or sold in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We asked CaringBridge families – the true experts – how to support a loved one in the hospital. So try to figure out what they want to hear. I'm sure I had to get on their nerves but they were all so kind to me. Do not engage in. Love and hugs to you all. Cards & small gifts & small plants are much easier to take home from the hospital than large bouquets that won't last (but are so beautiful ).

Their feedback also keeps the caregiver(s) uplifted. I found support in the yoga and meditation community, and I think part of the reason why is that I found it by myself without anyone preaching to me.

My husband is good friends with George through shared hobbies, and they spend time doing fun things to help George take his mind off the horror. “First thing would be to sign up for CaringBridge and let everyone know how to get to your page. I always thought having visitors in the hospital was a good thing. When I spoke to a mutual friend a few days later, she said, “So glad to hear your parents are going away! Celebrate aging with us! Any day before that one would have been fine. My other friends joke that I should have been a therapist. It wasn't really a here today, gone tomorrow disease...pain, digestive issues, dietary changes, fear, anxiety..etc.

It depends on the person, but generally, yes, it's okay. If you ever want to chat, I’m here to listen.

Call the hospital ahead of time to ask about visiting hours and any restrictions. I approve.) When a person you love deeply is slipping away, it is a struggle to not feel like you are dying right along with them.

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