While a Kunekune takes longer to grow to a market weight (9-14 months vs. 6 for a traditional pig) it is well worth it! A guide to the care of kunekune pigs from The British Kunekune Pig Society. Dew claws off of the ground when on firm footing.

Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet.

Pigeon last 12 months, after which it must be renewed. The average Kunekune pig can grow up to 24 inches tall. *Back legs set under the animal is common and true to heritage breeds, therefore, should not be considered a fault. Dull. Set high.
An adult Kunekune can weigh between 60 kg to 200 kg. be taken in this matter, for example bread from a meat sandwich must be not given Length of body abundant for growing litters and easy farrowing.

5 points. Objections: Wild, aggressive, difficult to control or drive. Those animals produce nice pork which are killed before their one year of age. You may need planning permission, check with your local council. Rounded at croup, base of tail not flat.

A kunekune can grow to be between 100 to 400 pounds (although different breeders offer differently sized pigs). fencing you can move the fence frequently so they are not eating off their own droppings. Quail

5 points, FEMALE ~ after breed type, sex type is of first and foremost importance in sows. But if a high-quality pasture is not available, whether it be due to drought or just not enough grass to feed a hungry adult pig, pot-bellied pig pellets and grass pellets can be used to supplement the diet. My Kunes will lie around, three to a pool and nap the day away. HOW TO CHOOSE A KUNEKUNE PIG USING BREED STANDARDS A great professionally put together video from our friends at the British Kunekune Pig Society on what to look for in Kunekune pigs. Back to top, Scraps of waste human food must never be fed to pet pigs. Despite this, there is still no guarantee how large a Kunekune pig can be. Condition:  Overall appearance shall be one of balance. Spreading the breed throughout the country, and later on, the world, helped to keep up the numbers of Kunekunes and ensure this breed would not go extinct again. Width even from shoulder to ham/rump when viewing from above. General Discussion. If they get too hot, they will roll around in the mud to keep their bodies cool and keep the flies from biting them.

Welcome to the BKKPS Discussion Board. Weak foreleg pasterns are tolerable in heritage hogs but weak knees must be avoided due to premature breakdown of animals with the anatomical deformity.

gentle, and ideally suit the new pig keeper who may be intimidated by larger more Lynndb Posts: 19 Joined: Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:52 pm. all times when exercising or moving it; c) there must be no contact with any other Photo and info from Wikipedia. They are very suitable for raising in a large garden. Under control of the hog. Ivomectin injections treat all worm infections, but oral preparations can be used Knock knees, bucked knees, or pigeon toed. The Kunekune sows are excellent mothers, and their litters vary in size, averaging around 7 piglets.

Pricked to semi-lopped, inclined forward. Back to top, Yes, every 4-6 months. Breeders in a couple of states in the United States are out there, as well as a few other places, so check out kunekune breeder listings to find a breeder near you. keep them if the land is very wet.
They are the only true grazing pig and can be maintained with grass alone without supplementary feeding. possible make sure that pigs are kept in groups of two or more for warmth. They are covered in long hair, which can be straight, wavy or curly. Ostrich long and lean like a commercial pig, or short and pot bellied like the Vietnamese 5 points. This hair can be straight or curly and either long or short. Objections:  Overly splayed. However, review full breed profile of the Kunekune pig in the following chart. Goat Another book listing medications given must be kept

They are covered with hair not bristles like other pig breeds. If you choose to house your kunekune indoors, provide it with a place or room of its own.

However, the matter is still under debate. Since kunekune can grow to be up to 400 pounds, they need a decent amount of space to roam about and lie down.

Heritage breeds often display soft, flexible pasterns with open toes appropriate for their age and weight. There is a wide range of …

For vet trips, a Kune will just walk into a dog travel crate or walk up a ramp into a trailer or van. A Kune is considered a small pig when compared to a market hog. Objections: Ears set narrow or not of the same size, set or shape. The animals are placid and love human company. the mesh. Objections:  Less than two wattles, poorly attached, uneven size or shape, unevenly set on jowl. Ears set on the side of the head, point outward to the side, not inclined forward, lopped. In 1989, the New Zealand Kune Kune Breeders' Association was founded to preserve this fantastic breed of pig. Deep and thick.

They will do well in any of the It will take a couple of years for your pig to reach their full grown size. Kunes thrive on a diet of grass, fresh fruit and vegetables. The Kunekune pig comes from New Zealand. of it.


Quick links. Unlike pet pot-bellied pigs, kunekune are usually kept in outdoor environments and do well just eating grass. Boars generally weighing up to 400 pounds and sows generally up to 350 pounds, the result of a thick cover of firm flesh and fat.

Objections:  Narrow, shallow, thin. Privacy Policy Most kunekune owners keep their pigs in a barn or outside setting. The boars are easy If you use electric Underline pulled up or thin. 10 points.

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