Which brought me to the question: how would I, myself, get a professional basketball job if I were going after one today?

Jordan first attended Europrobasket in 2018 with his University on a tour organized by Europrobasket Team Tours. If I were getting into the game today, budgeting money would be a top priority. Look for try out in markets that are not so competitive. In this detailed video about the business side or basketball, I explained one such example of a guy who had his own business and a wife to consider when looking at his pro options. Of those hundreds of players, even more have received professional and semi professional tryouts with European league teams. It genuinely was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about playing overseas. Get my FREE book, The Overseas Basketball Blueprint Here. Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you once again for your advice.

Jakub Kadasi most recently played for BKM Lucenenc and BC Prievidza in his home country of Slovakia.

You have their full, undivided attention. Janet Vanderhorst – Mother of Lee Vanderhorst.

L’Alqueria del Basket is the largest and most modern basketball facility in Europe. Greetings, just finished reading your article very helpful and insightful. Edit those out. See How Overseas Basketball Works.

Thanks for giving that hope! Reach athletic and academic standards after high school graduation for receiving a USA scholarship and spend 4 amazing years in the United States playing basketball, getting a top-level education and eventually obtain an international degree.

Being in the right place at the right time is another shortcut, although it is harder to plan for. The academy is everything its advertised as and if you come prepared you will definitely see positive results! And everyone has to understand it, accept it, and adjust accordingly. This season he was offered to multiple teams throughout Europe but decided to stay and sign again in Spain. Her past two seasons were spent playing for the Chicago Breeze which is in the IPWB League in the USA while staying ready for an opportunity overseas. So i will like to try these options, while he is still elgiable. No one wants to network with a basketball player who can’t, you know, play basketball. Copyright ©2020 www.europebasketballacademy.com | Europe Basketball Academy - All Rights Reserved, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I have seen local G-League tryouts that had too high of a player-to-observer ratio (for example, a tryout in Miami for the Sioux Falls G-League team had about 250 players… and the team had TWO people there, total); too many guards nd not enough bigs (happens EVERY TIME); too few players (a player told me he tried out in Reno and they didn’t have enough to even play 5-on-5); and who knows what else.

I would get online and start looking for exposure camps.

After reading your article, it has shed a lot of light of where we need to be and what he needs to do personally to go where he needs to be. Knowing this, I would still go if I were playing today. If you’ve ever attended an exposure camp in the USA, you know that these are valuable attributes. Hundreds of players have received opportunities to continue their overseas basketball careers after taking part in our programs. This is your first action step. They always take care everything and do best support for players. The most complete source to follow U.S. college alumni and their basketball careers There are currently 6766 ex-college players, who play 2020-20 season overseas *the number is for both men and women players, who play outside of the U.S. (updated on 28/10/2020) Check Detailed list by College or by country. If you’ve been around pro ball tryouts at all, you know as well as I do: Events ain’t free! …I bow to u. Live Matches, Stats, Standings, Teams, Players, Interviews, Fantasy Challenge, DEVOTION and much more...!!

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