The carbonization process used to darken bamboo weakens the flooring up to 30%. Ambient Bamboo has been producing sustainable flooring since 2005 and provides consumers with a range of bamboo options from hand scraped extra wide strand planks to carbonized click-lock and even plywood. If you’re like millions of unfortunate souls who suffer from seasonal allergies, you can put away the tissues after installing bamboo floors. Additionally, many manufacturers sell prestained hardwood with several layers of protective coatings. Cupping or peaking happened three weeks after installation. That also applies to toxins and VOCs as untested or cheap bamboo flooring which may contain harmful chemicals that can seep out into your air over time. You can purchase Teragren bamboo for an average of $5-8 per square foot at flooring retailers across North America. I had mine professionally installed in April. Flooring hardness is evaluated by a chart called the Janka Hardness Scale. Always check the details of your warranty to ensure that whatever cleaning method you are using will not void your warranty. If you need to rid your bamboo of scuff marks, a mixture of wood cleaner and warm water should do the trick. Terrible product and terrible customer service. Until recently, bamboo wasn’t listed on the Janka scale. I believe your review has saved us a lot of headache and hard earned money that we can not afford to throw away. Any suggestions? I am still working with ‘Lumber Liquidators’ to resolve the problem, they are dragging their feet and my next step may be a lawsuit. Over time, water-damaged flooring will grow bacteria and mold between the planks. We put Cali Bamboo on the second level of our three story home. ReNature Bamboo offers a distinct flooring choice for any home, creating a perfect balance of the best features of traditional hardwood floors and refreshing style options. We live in a more mild climate, but being on the coast we are worried about the humidity levels. A heating process using resin and adhesives bond the grass into tightly woven strands that are 3 times stronger than any other form of bamboo. I’m sure no flooring manufacturer would stand behind their product if what our animals dish out were inflicted upon their product, and yet Our Bamboo is showroom perfect.

XCORA is 160% harder than red oak, so it’s ideal for commercial use and available in five collections and 14 different shades. I live in Illinois, I have been trying to get this resolved for over a year and a half, Cali is blaming the installers and me, the home owner. I have had horrible results with mass shrinkage after 2 months of acclimation. Hope it helps! All Trinity products are FloorScore Certified and Clean Air Verified by independent third-party laboratories. Many flooring manufacturers treat bamboo with several coats of sealer to enhance scratch and water resistance. It’s almost a bad business model to make a product this well. Finally, while bamboo floors can be resurfaced once or twice, hardwood floors can be resurfaced several times. Well, except for the places where we’ve dropped sharp objects & dented the floor but, that’s “operator error” not a defect of the wood. ON SALE! You can find quality engineered planks for less than $4 per square foot. I am in Ohio and there can be enough changes in humidity to affect this type of product. Maybe they encourage diy installation so they can blame the”installers” rather than a faulty product. I have Cali bamboo throughout the house except for bathrooms. 3 cats and 4 older dogs. To minimize the chances of buying hazardous products, make sure the bamboo you purchase has been tested by an independent third-party laboratory, preferably located in the United States. The reason being: some manufacturers use adhesives and finishes containing hazardous chemicals and solvents in the production of their flooring. Check out some of the newest technologies and reclaimed materials that are becoming the hottest products in flooring. A few scratches developed over time, where my husband spun on his foot always in the same spot. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The Cali Bamboo planks should not be sold in climates that have wide variations in humidity. We installed Teregren Snergy Strand Bamboo flooring Chestnut in color, approximately 4 years ago. Top quality products may be “room rated” as well and may have flooring rated for rooms that get more moisture. It features prominent knots and a distinct grain pattern. However, the process is tedious, and you must be careful not to dig into the top layer while sanding. Compared to hand scraped hickory or oak flooring, bamboo flooring cost is “usually” cheaper so the price can be a major advantage. The highest quality bamboo flooring is labeled both VOC- and formaldehyde-free. Pureform is 40% harder than red oak and available in engineered form with a self-locking system in one collection while the other three collections are solid and use the tongue & groove system.

There are three main types of bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring comes as solid tongue-and-groove planks and engineered boards with a veneer of bamboo glued to a plywood backing. However, hardwood flooring is considered superior by the housing market, which means that it adds more value to your home. I had a great experience with nail down – and all the above problems with click and huge parts of an entire floor pulling one way or another. It’s not a desirable choice for kitchens or bathrooms. Strand-woven bamboo is the thickest and most durable type of bamboo flooring available. Plyboo’s products are pricey and fall under the premium category when it comes to pricing which may rule them out if your budget is tight. Nail down fine, click separated and the floor shrunk leaving gaps. This is a costly, choice of flooring, mistake I made and I hope I can save somebody from That number is also only for residential use, so if you are installing the flooring in a commercial area, expect the warranty drop significantly. If you’ve installed bamboo flooring, be sure to help others by posting your comments below. The following manufacturers have solid reputations in the flooring world. But all wood floors have the potential to scratch. You can rent a nailer if needed or a saw, but you’ll have to have the latter regardless of your installation method. Even if your flooring has a protective coating, it’s best to use caution when cleaning and try to wipe up spills as quickly as possible. Whenever you have to use an adhesive of any kind indoors, it can result in pollution through VOCs or other hazardous chemicals.

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